I have resisted this for years. Actually, even now I am not convinced I need to make this blog. There are too many of them around and in all honesty, I should simply finally do my website. It is easier to do things from scratch, at least for me. I have sat here with the themes and the visual editing tools of WordPress and frankly I do not like it. I want back to my old ways and use simple text editing tools to write/edit my html, css … and have full power over it  I have never liked any WISIWIG’s and choose and mix options. Probably, I am just too old-fashioned, that I want to work with the raw material. However, this blog was born because other people need to use tools like WordPress to have their presence online.

This blog is not going to be about me talking about web-design or the tech stuff. No, this will be my blog to follow my artistic activities. So stay tuned to learn about the works I have produced in past, make now and the events and exhibitions I take part. I will also link to articles I have written and others have written about my works, other artist works I find interesting and finally to some queer stuff I like.


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