Mare Tralla belongs to the artist whose professional career started in Estonia in early 90s and became one of the leading artist of younger generation. Her practice was shaped by the rapid changes in Estonian society and her works are often a direct critical response to those changes and especially how they effected women. “In the mid-1990s she was one amongst a few courageous women (and men) who understood that for the more harmonious and just development of Estonian society, a ‘small feminist revolution’ was direly needed. Mare conceived of this ‘revolution’ in a personal format within the field of contemporary art.”(Katrin Kivimaa, http://www.obieg.pl/artmix/18329). In 1995 she co-curated with Eha Komissarov and Reet Varblane the first openly feminist Estonian art exhibition Est.Fem.
Since 1996 Mare Tralla lives and workes in London and Tallinn. Her work continues to deal with the social issues, using her personal history of a woman, who grew up in Soviet Estonia and everyday experiences of transforming Eastern European society and how the women from Eastern Europe are seen in the Western world. Her recent works deal with the issues of privacy, surveillance and protection from gendered angle. In her practice Tralla employs and combines a variety of media, from painting, photography, performance and video to interactive media.


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