Mare Tralla “Written into Space”
photo series, 2010-2011

All my life I have found it hard to fit in as a woman into hetero-sexual normative life. I tried hard. For years I performed happy family life: was married, had a house, a garden and lovely kids. However, I never felt comfortable. I wanted something else, something more I thought, after all I was an artist, thus different. I learned when entering art school from the women in my village, who asked if I am different now.
I took the feeling of being different and tried to hide it, but it’s never so simple. One day it blows over and you have to react, do something to escape the normativity you have tried to assimilate yourself into. The photo series “Written into Space” was born after such moment in my life. I started taking photos of myself in the everyday environment I lived in, trying to portray the feelings I had, my relationship with it and the way I did not fit into and was somewhat out of proportion.
Written into spaceWritten Into Space
Written into Space

Written into Space

Mare Tralla: “Written into Space”. photo series, 2010-2011


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